Professionals in Greening

The trend to transform office and public spaces into green, safe and healthy places appeared in Europe and the USA at the end of the 20th century. In that period, studies were conducted and published by scientists proving the importance of restoring contact with nature in places where we spend a lot of time and (or) are vulnerable or stressed: hospitals, offices, airports, shopping malls, universities and schools. Conscious landscaping becomes a means to reduce stress, restore strength and improve the overall mental and physical well-being of a person. This new knowledge is beginning to be actively applied in design and architecture: spaces referring to nature in direct and indirect ways are created and appear.

Many people think only about the decorative side of gardening and do not take into account how plants can affect the health of employees and the efficiency of the company itself. Conscious planting of greenery affects many things: it reduces stress and noise, makes indoor air cleaner, increases employee productivity. It is proved that surrounded by plants people enjoy working more, get less tired and burn out less often. This improves the business performance of the company, increases the attractiveness of shopping malls and other infrastructure facilities.

Landscaping makes these spaces more beautiful and useful, and can detect changes to within a percent. Modern technology helps in this. For example, an artificial intelligence service Livee is able to quickly create conscious landscaping concepts based on analysis of the effectiveness of 10,000 landscaping projects. The tool algorithm was also developed based on research and analysis of thousands of projects.