Landscaping Urban areas

To date, the trend of improving human settlements is very large. Public places of stay and rest, park areas, hotels, private houses very intensively become unique and aesthetically attractive corners of nature, where one is drawn to return. Everyone agrees that the driveway to the hotel, which is decorated with a fresh neat lawn with flower beds and decorative pond with floating lilies, much more attractive than the gray gloomy tiles and a dozen boring trees along the walls of the building.

In this age of fast-paced technology and the pursuit of scientific advancements, it's very easy to get lost in the series of complex routines. Wildlife inspires and energizes with positive emotions. Urban landscaping is work that aims to beautify an area, neighborhood or home and improve the ecological environment. Improvement and landscaping include: floral and decorative design of parks, gardens, public gardens, as well as facilities for various purposes.

Urban gardening is carried out through the different components of landscape design. One of the main elements of landscaping is the planting of trees, which create a special comfort, which is felt especially in cities. Trees improve the microclimate of the site and serve as a natural protection from noise and dust. Lawns are the first step in beautifying the city.

A decisive quality factor is considered their age. Lawns of urban areas can not, unfortunately, count on special attention. Any lawn requires proper seeding and periodic mowing, in the first years it overgrows with weeds. If poorly maintained, the result is lawns of very poor quality.

Very successful landscape projects are considered to be the design projects of territories, which are adjacent to the pond. Even the smallest body of water turns a park or garden into an oasis, where you can refresh and relax, admire the mirror-like surface, listen to the lulling sounds of gurgling water. We must not forget that the area of the water surface must necessarily fit well into the surrounding landscape. The reservoir itself creates various optical effects. The system is such that a large pond reduces the space, but increases the depth.

The smaller the space where the artificial pond will be, the smaller the pond is made. To create a magical landscape, determine what is primary and what is secondary. If the composition is built on a closed principle, the group of plants is the main, and the water, only the background for the plants.

In outdoor spaces, a decorative pond is the main element, and plants merely accentuate the beauty of the water. Landscape design is a unique garden art, creating a model of the universe based on a carefully developed philosophical and aesthetic system of understanding of nature. Modern designers say that any thing that is near a person should be both beautiful and practical.

Trying to recreate a picture of the universe with the help of stones, imitating natural curves, plants, a combination of colors on the site of the park, garden, gazebo, cottage area with a view of the river or a flowering corner is a long established version of decoration, which we try to surround ourselves with. The art of landscape design intertwines many different ideas about the world order. Every nation has its own philosophical views of the world, which are perfectly reflected in different styles of landscape.