Modern double-glazed window has double sealing

This technology was developed and introduced in 1970, although plastic windows had begun to conquer the world much earlier. Since the advent of polyvinyl chloride – a synthetic polymer that is used to make the body of windows and doors – there have been constant attempts to introduce it into industrial production, including windows. The first window factory and the first PVC window frames appeared in the 1950s.

For ten years in Europe and America, many factories have opened metal plastic windows, and their popularity is growing from year to year. In Ukraine, the opportunity to install metal plastic windows and doors appeared in the 90s. At first they were used to equip greenhouses, but gradually the area of their application has expanded. Already in a few years metal plastic construction almost universally replaced the wooden ones in factories and offices, as well as in apartments.

The first window factory appeared in Ukraine more than ten years ago . Gradually, the number of window manufacturers increased, and the windows became more affordable. Today the metal-plastic constructions are present in every house as they are worthy and affordable alternative to wooden products. They are easy to install, diverse in design, perfectly retain heat, have noise insulation properties and are relatively inexpensive.

Their service life is much longer than that of wooden products. Because of this, more and more of our countrymen are installing exactly plastic windows and doors. The main advantage of PVC products is their durability.

Structures made of plastic are resistant to the environment: they are not afraid of moisture, temperature extremes, as well as the effects of very high and low temperatures for a long time. All these qualities are relevant to our climate, especially the ability to prevent cold air from getting inside in winter. With this plastic windows from the manufacturer cope much better than wooden windows.

Thanks to the quality seal and with proper installation, they do not need additional insulation for the winter. Plastic is quite unpretentious in operation. PVC windows and doors do not need to be painted, they are easy to clean and retain their attractive appearance for a long time. Manufacturing and installation of plastic windows and doors is a service provided by many companies. A huge assortment of metal plastic products in many ways complicates the process of choice for buyers, because high-quality and low-quality windows often look the same.

Sometimes flaws in design and installation become noticeable only during operation. Only metal plastic windows from the manufacturer, installed in accordance with all norms, will serve you long and reliably. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention not only to prices, but also to the company's reputation and the duration of its work in the market. It is possible (and desirable) to ask about the reviews that customers leave on the company website.