In Genshin Impact, the Yujing Terrace is a square that is located in the Li Yue region

This area is where the game quests from the main story are performed and the two characters' elevation items are collected. There is also an important gameplay NPC, Miss Pin. In this complete guide, we'll show you where Yujing Terrace in Genshin Impact is located and what you can find on it. The Yuijing Terrace is on the northwest side of Li Yue harbor.

The exact location is marked on the map. The stairs on the north side of the garden take you up to the terrace. The traveler is led to this area by an assignment «Descent Ceremony» – quest from the first chapter of Volume I of the Archons' Quest: «The mysterious land of a thousand stones».

You can find a lot of interesting things on the terrace. Here you can get important materials for the elevation of characters, several chests, as well as nps that are important for the completion of the story quest. There are a total of 19 glazed lilies on and near the Yuijing terrace – the subject of the Geo character Ning Guang's elevation – and 14 mulberries, which are needed for the elevation of the Hydro character Xing Qiu. There are also seven chests on the terrace – three regular chests, three rich chests, and one precious chest. Of other resources on the grounds are fish and lotus bowls.

During daylight hours, NPS Madame Ping stands on the Yujing Terrace, admiring the lilies. A traveler meets her on a mission «Universe in a teapot» in the second chapter of the first volume of the Archons quests: «Farewell, ancient lord». Madame Pin also helps the hero on a quest «Turning Point» In the third chapter: «A new star approaches».

The first time she speaks, she gives the player 5 glazed lilies. In addition, the quest begins with Madame Pin «The kettle is a full bowl». After completing it, the hero receives the Serenity Kettle, which unlocks the possibility of homeownership. That's all you need to know about where the Yuijing Terrace is in Genshin Impact, and what you can get on it.