What Are the Major Features of DirectX 11?

DirectX 11 is an application programming interface (API) for use on the Windows OS. This graphics API is designed to help software developers create the more fluid game-play, realistic characters, and detailed worlds. The role of this interface is to control the relationship between the OS and multimedia hardware (sound and graphic cards). By using the advanced features of DirectX, the process of authoring code for the more striking and intense game effects is much simpler. Here are several of the most effective features related to DirectX 11 that make full use of the computers resources:


A major issue game developers have is creating the life-like characters and landscapes. Tessellation technology is highly effective at turning the low-resolution images into high-resolution ones. This helps to create a smoother surface for curved objects, which results in the more impressive graphical images. This is achieved without putting too much strain on the CPU, directx 12 download which could otherwise cause a slow down in the speed and frame rate. Tessellation hardware isn’t new since it has been in existence since the original Xbox video games console, but it now features as a standard part of DX11.


Older CPU models often relied on a single core to transfer the instructions to a graphics card for execution. But, with the latest multi-core CPU, the ability to scale using multi-threading technology is much faster and efficient. A developer is given access to greater power to program the faster frame-rates and achieve the more stunning visual images and better gaming performance. A modern chip like the Intel Core i7 processor can accept 12 or more threads to make the most of multi-threaded rendering.


DirectCompute is highly effective at helping with a variety of non-graphical aspects, such as the ability to compute complex calculations. This technology can easily accelerate the speed of all types of non-graphics applications and gaming applications. Complex issues can include video transcoding or physics processing. Besides enhance graphics, it can also help to accelerate a variety of day-to-day tasks, such as those related to video editing.


Any skilled software developer will attempt to make the engine for the game run as smooth and efficient as possible. This is often achieved by compressing high-quality textures in-game and decompressing them as and when required. This is a more practical method for the graphic intensive applications because it is difficult to store all information required in a typical graphic card.