The laser has caused a true innovation in aesthetic treatments including permanent hair removal, however, over the years numerous variants have appeared that have managed to confuse most women who wonder: Which one is right for me?

Therefore, from  laser hair removal we will try to explain in a simple way the most important differences between the different types of laser hair removal that can be accessed today.

Photo epilation and laser hair removal

Both photo epilation and laser hair removal aim to remove hair using intense pulsed light or laser, with the difference that laser hair removal removes hair using a certain length of light and can only be done on dark hair.

The most notable differences between photo epilation (IPL) and laser hair removal is fundamentally that the former can be used on most skin types and hair color, and is also painless and inexpensive.

On the other hand, IPL photodepication has a mixed light emission and multiple wavelengths, with sessions that will always depend on the type of skin and hair characteristics, being necessary two or three weeks to eliminate between 30% and 40% of hair.

In the case of laser hair removal, it is a treatment that must be performed by a doctor specially trained in this type of technology since the light applied in a certain area is absorbed by melanin and is transformed into heat but only acts on dark areas, the duration of treatment being variable depending on the area to be treated, sex and age.

Different types of laser hair removal

There are several types of laser hair removal such as diode laser, ruby ​​laser hair removal, alexandrite laser hair removal and neodymium-Yag laser hair removal.

Diode laser hair removal

In laser hair removal Elche they know enough about this type of laser that is used in dark skin and with dark hair, it consists of completely eliminating the hair follicle by means of the energy applied to the melanin but without damaging the skin or causing allergy

Ruby laser hair removal

Ruby laser hair removal is also used for the photermolysis method of hair follicles with prototypes I and II and of the face, and unlike diode laser hair removal; it is used mainly in people with fair skin and black hair.

Alexandrite laser hair removal

This type of laser hair removal is recommended for the whole body and for skin phototypes I, II and III, being ideal for hair removal of the legs, armpits and genital area, for medium-toned skin and dark hair.

Neodymium-yag laser hair removal

The least known of all but one of the easiest to work with, the neodymium-yag laser since the light that emanates is little absorbed by pigments, being recommended for all skin types and despite the fact that its results are lower, although several studies have recently been carried out. they are determining that the results in clear prototypes is excellent.

As we can see, each of the systems has its benefits and hence the important thing is to make prior consultation with the specialized professional to choose the most convenient hair removal system taking into account different parameters, despite the fact that diode laser is currently available. one of the most used since it is not necessary to apply prior anesthesia, being for now the fastest and most effective method although it is also the most expensive.