Furnace Cleaning – Are The Advertised Deals Too Good To Be True?

The short answer is usually yes, many furnace cleaning or duct cleaning advertisements are created using the bait and switch method. This method makes you believe that you’re going to get a fantastic deal on furnace cleaning services, but the truth is you need to read or listen to the fine print. Many ads will offer a basic pricing but will only include a certain number of registers, and all other registers are an extra cost.

Many duct cleaning companies will have other charges as well such as hookup fees, portable fees, air conditioning coils fees and waste material handling fees.

There are a few simple steps so you can follow as a homeowner to make sure you know exactly what you’re going to be charged for furnace cleaning service, they are as follows:

1. Count all the registers in your home both hot and cold make sure to include the ones in the basement. Most homes have approximately 20 to 25 registers.

2. Inform the furnace cleaning company that you have air conditioning and that is included in your estimate.

3. Ask if there’s any additional fees for hook ups, Furnace Cleaning Red Deer using a portable vacuum system if required and waste material handling fees.

4. Ask if the furnace cleaner but is coming to your home is NADCA certified, not all furnace cleaning companies are equal when it comes to experience and certifications.

5. Ask how long the job is going to take to complete from start to finish, this service should take at least two hours to do a thorough job.

6. Ask to see the results, a reputable company is going to carry a duct scope with them as a standard tool so that the customer can view the ducting on the inside after the job has been completed.

7. Ask if your furnace filter will be replaced or cleaned during the service. Most companies will replace the dirty furnace filter with a standard filter which is only 3-5% efficient. You might want to have a filter replacement of your choice ready to be installed after the furnace cleaning is completed.

In northern Alberta the average cost for furnace cleaning service is typically between $300 and $400 for a reputable company. For further information search out national air duct cleaners association or NADCA, companies that have been certified are listed on their website which is searchable by state, province and city.

Home Pros Group is a NADCA certified company operating in Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Red Deer Alberta. Our furnace cleaning technicians are trained and certified to NADCA standards and Home Pros standards.