How to Get Customers for Taxi Service

The taxi service and transfer of people is very old, and one of the most customers has today. There will always be customers who need to be taken from one part of the city to another. But How can you attract more clients for your job moving people? At Crono share we tell you how to get clients for taxi service.

How to get clients for taxi service

In the following sections we are going to offer you a series of tips so that you can increase your client portfolio as a taxi driver. For more info click here Taxi Eindhoven

Be punctual, serious and responsible

It may surprise you, but an infallible strategy to get clients is as simple as being punctual, serious and responsible. Showing these qualities to your clients will be totally satisfied when they ask for your services.

A satisfied customer usually equates to a recommendation. The happier your customers are after being transported by you, the more likely they will recommend a friend or acquaintance when they need a taxi service.

These qualities are not only intended to get customers. A taxi driver or driver who wants to do her job well will have to show them from the beginning, as it is a job so directly related to dealing with the public.

Have a wide availability

It is difficult to have a 24-hour availability, but try to be available to your potential customers as much as possible. Taxi Eindhoven users like to have the service when they need it.

Sometimes a client will need emergency transportation, and he will not hesitate to contact you if he knows that you will be available to assist him.

Create a network of collaborators

As, indeed, it is impossible for you to be available 24 hours, it is recommended that you have a network of collaborators. That is, collaborate with other workers in your union to pick up those clients who require your services when you are not available.


By “sharing clients” with your collaborators, everyone will win. You will give an image of responsibility and professionalism by offering a valid solution to your clients, your colleagues will get a job and no passenger will be left hanging.

That you and your vehicle have a good image

There is nothing that scares a potential customer more than the appearance of a taxi or car in bad condition. Or the image of a messy or unprofessional-looking driver.

The vehicle is your main work tool, so keep it in impeccable condition to give your customers a sense of security.

And, as we mentioned, your physical appearance is also essential to make a good impression. Always bet on a neat and professional image.

Offers facilities and services on board

One way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and get more customers is to offer services that cannot normally be found in a taxi.

Be creative and think about what your clients may need to make the trip as comfortable as possible. For example, offering free bottles of water is a small gesture that many will appreciate.

Hand out business cards

A good way to get new customers and retain those you’ve already got is to print and hand out business cards. When you finish a service, offer your card to the customer so that they can call you back when they need a ride or to recommend you to their acquaintances.

This little detail can make a difference. It will make customers remember you more, and you will be the first to be contacted when someone requires a taxi service.

Make sure that both your name and your mobile phone stand out on the card, and try to make the design attractive and attractive.

Adapt to new technologies

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, so adapt to evolve alongside it. For example, in addition to offering your phone number to customers, tell them that they can talk to you on WhatsApp without any problem to arrange a service.

This option will break the barrier that some customers have to call. Most will feel much more comfortable typing on WhatsApp.

Create a web page

One element that will make your business cards stand out even more will be to include a link to your own website. If you create it, users will be able to access to read everything about your work, your rates, experience…

For this reason it is necessary that you create a professional and complete website. Also try to be well positioned, in order to appear among the first results when customers use the search engine.

Create a social media strategy

Create profiles on the most used social networks (Face book, Twitter …) and develop a good strategy to get customers through it. Post interesting information about your company or sector, share articles, and interact with customers.

What You Need to Know About Limo Hire Prices

If you are searching for limo rental for any big day you might be astonished by the variations in limo hire prices. Of course, prices may vary from town to town and company to company, but there are some things you need to take into consideration.

The size of the limousine

Limousines can be rented out in various sizes and you’ll generally have to pay extra for one which can cater a lot more people. Some limousines will easily seat up to 6 people, some may have space for 8 and some might be able to carry a dozen or more people in comfort and style. Do not forget that if you need to take 6 people, getting a limousine that can seat 8 will provide added relaxation and that bit more room.

Airport runs

The cost of taking a ride to the airport in a limo may vary quite considerably according to the city as well as the distance to and from the airport. allurelimousines You must examine the prices with your local limousine business.

All Inclusive rental service

When you ask about limousine hire prices you need to also ask about what is included in the rate. If you book a comprehensive limousine service, you should be able to get a few extras which are included in the price. A few businesses may not be quite as honest with regards to their rates as they ought to be and place a load of extras onto the final invoice. They may add things like:

* Fuel surcharges

* Motorway fees (whatever they may be)

* Waiting time

* Refreshments

* Travel times

* Tolls

* Anything else they can think of to boost the price

Thankfully these situations are really rare however they do happen. Make certain that when you inquire about the cost of renting a limousine you are given the total price for the journey and each of the extras. This really is particularly vital if you’re using a limo for a third party like a wedding or for younger children celebrating prom night.

Minimum hire times

The vast majority of limo firms have a minimum rental time of 2 or 3 hours. Purchasing and maintaining these vehicles isn’t cheap and these businesses have to ensure that they cover their expenses.

Tipping the limo driver

Lots of people do tip the driver with around 20% of the total cost being the normal amount. If your driver has provided a really marvelous service do go ahead and tip a more substantial amount than that. Many limousine companies will automatically include this in your charge so do check that, to ensure that the tip has not been added.

Limo Hire Prices do vary however, so does the quality of service. Make sure that you know what you are investing in before you take the trip. Discover the perfect service at the most cost effective price.